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Welcome to
IFS Scotland

This site has been set up for two reasons.


Firstly to enable you to find a trained IFS Therapist operating in Scotland.  

Secondly to act as conduit for anyone contemplating or waiting to embark on IFS Training.

Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a transformational method devised by Richard Schwartz of the IFS Institute. It offers compassion and hope and a way of understanding your inner Self and the parts that make up your personality. IFS therapy can bring healing and transformation of the personality by empowering the Self with all its creative resources to take leadership of the internal system. By doing so, it can heal hurt and fragmented parts of the mind.  It is endorsed by various trauma experts including Gabor Maté and Bessel Van der Kolk.

Looking for a therapist?

We know from experience that it can be challenging to find an IFS trained therapist.  Even when you have found one, are they available to accept new clients?
This site provides an easy way to identify qualified therapists in Scotland. We will make a commitment to update it weekly to let you know if we have spaces.


If you are happy to see a therapist in other parts of the UK or Internationally, we have provided the directory links below.


All therapists on this site have been trained in the IFS Model by the IFS Institute.

Training as a therapist

Having practiced IFS in Scotland for a number of years we are excited about what this model offers therapeutically and are keen to explore developing it across Scotland.  We would like to reach out and connect with those who are already trained and with those awaiting training opportunities.  If you would potentially like to be part of this network and whatever may develop from it then please get in touch.

All professional IFS training is provided  by the IFS Institute.  In the UK this is via IFS UK.

Useful IFS Directories

A directory of IFS therapists can be found here:

USA Directory

UK Directory

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